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AGAM’s family office platform provides bespoke solutions to help clients preserve and grow wealth for inter-generational family members in a coordinated fashion.

Our open architecture platform incorporates resources and tools to facilitate asset protection, cost control, financial education, family philanthropy and a host of other shared needs.




AGAM shares with its families the core values of sustainable and generational Philanthropy. We believe that we are custodians for future generations and it is our fundamental duty to help empower the next generation of change-makers in the world.
The RisingStars fellowship aims to identify, attract, and nurture individuals of extraordinary intellectual range and depth who possess the highest concomitant qualities of leadership, scholarship, entrepreneurship and citizenship.
Fellows gain access to capital, networks, skills and opportunities so they are free to develop their talents and use them in ways bigger than themselves - for the good of their communities and the world beyond.

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